About us

The drive to grow our business led to new branches, which means tha,t in addition to our Kraków office, we now have other locations across Poland.

Connect Logistics is a fast-growing company in the transportation-forwarding-logistics industry. Our qualified staff can meet even the most demanding consumer needs. Connect Logistics is made up of people for whom work is more than a way to earn money; it is also a source of joy and fulfilment.

Registration data:

Connect Logistics Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Ul. Przybyszewskiego 17B

30-128 Kraków


Tax ID No.  6772392397

KRS: 0000574257

REGON: 362465661

Quick contact:

Secretary's office

e-mail: info@connectlogistics.pl



e-mail: platnosci@connectlogistics.pl


Sales department

e-mail: v.proksa@connectlogistics.pl